What is FASHION?

Cross cultural Fashion

FASHION is, something we cultured and cultivated over time. We can see all over the world, each and every culture has cultivated their own way of doing thing. It has come a long way of life-style. Produced by Ethnical Ethical cultural mindset. One does things in this way, and other has that way. One likes this and other hates it. Not all agree with all types of fashion anyway. It’s all in your mind that what you appreciate and that you want to have it or you want to be.

In other hand,

Fashion of MINDSET

Something displays disorderly, that does not look pleasantful. If you know how to make it look good and presentable, you are a fashionista. That is why here is a WORLD we create to make an unpresentable, an Elegantly presentable. They can make over the appearance of a person, mindset of your lifestyle, and your home accordingly. 

This magical world molds an ordinary “YOU” into an amazing person. Make you fit significantly whoever you are in your prefered circle. Only this world accepts citizens without age, sex and ethnic discrimination.

It is not mere an outward appearance:

In fact the conception of men in regular world, Women” means “beauty”.

The same way in the “Mindset of women about men”. It’s the nature anyway.

Women naturally love to beautify themselves more than men do. Thinking, however they are not there yet. In Fact everyone want to be like somebody, never satisfied with who they are. Its not only women but also men poses such attitude generally.


Invest time to

This world observed and recognized the nature of both. there are no exceptions between sex, colour or ethnicity. It is the common ground of this magical world.  If a woman knows that the beauty of a woman is in her smile, she can help herself to come out. Yet, there is a thick veil fear over her mind, feeling inadequacy of machurity to develop herself. 

Even naturally a pretty woman if she does not know the art of beautification, she becomes an unidentified object. This “fashion world” brought forth  fashion accessories, elegant dresses and lots of beauty products to creates an identity for the diversive unidentifiable and elevates them.


First thing, every one most know that, real beauty is not relying on dressing and make ups. It is all about the knowledge about it. What brand, of the cloths, and  the knowledge about the materials. Knowledge about sort of Jewelry, details of grates and karats of Gold,  and Gemstones. Even the knowledge of artificial Jewelry. In cosmetic product, its very important to know the chemicals in it. What sort can be applied on an individuals skin. not all kinds of Makeup products can fit for all skins.

Therefore, the FASHION WORLD” has been created to serve you. Not only for outward look. Here, inside the “FASHION WORLD” there is the secret to lift up anyone’s image, self-esteem, self-confidence, through the extraordinary knowledge of making up your look.

Check the water before you leap in.

Before you buy something you should study well about the product. Quality, Quantity, and reasonable price. Stop a moment to think first, Do You really Need it? Is it Necessary for your Life? can you live without it?

Know Your Self

If you only have an imagination of your selves, you can be whom-ever you wanted to be. If you make up your mind to make up yourselves then you’ll be who you are.

Rise up and shine with full knowledge. Make your smile count.

Just enter into the gates of Fashion world  if you think you are in darkness. Your circle may not see what you are so you bring yourselves out in the light of fashion to show who you are.

https://appmarbiz.com advocates fashion, through mind grooming by “KNOWLEDGE”.

Remember, you are wonderful, talented, and never be the least.

Feed you brain to make up yourself. Be yourselves to show yourselves.




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