A Child is a Seed!.

It is not enough 500 words to express about this topic. We need to write a whole book on it. Yet, as I prepare to write it, just giving you a sample factor here. 


None is able to perceive a glorious and fruitful tree and its various benefits by looking at a seed. whole giant tree consist in a seed. Such precious seed can be trembled on the ground, brutally dreaded by wild beasts not knowing the value of it.

Unless someone knows the value comes around and recognize it and, pick it up and plant it in a rich soil and water it to grow, it might be destroyed as a seed, by this evil world.

We know the valuable treasures of the world are from.

The Gold is from the dirt of the earth, the precious gemstones are too. The most expensive pearls are taken from an ugly clams.

So are today’s children of the world, whom we are ignoring in the midst of us. Who knows which child is going to be who? not all can recognize the tree by seed.

Therefore, let’s commit ourselves to “gather the dropped and ignored seeds”, rejected by the rich harvesters around the world, treasure them, nurture them and prepare them to be fruitful for tomorrow’s world.

Educate them to be enlightened.


I asked many people around the world this question;

“Why we send the children to schools?”

Most answers are; so they can get certified to get good jobs.

Some say; sending them to be educated.

Well then, what is education?

Can we get it from schools, colleges, Universities?

We should send children to schools to “learn to think

Real education creates thinking capability. If you call yourself an educated you must be a problem solver. If you cannot do solve a problem and still be proud of your degree, it’s worth nothing and you are not an educated.

And you will be a problem creator.

Philosophy of Wisdom isn’t in the certificate to solve a problems.

Well then, what is wisdom?

Knowledge isn’t wisdom. But, “Application of knowledge is wisdom”

Oh, wait a minute! Then what is knowledge?

Knowledge is: You gather information and analyze them, and finding the reasons and truth, with complete understanding, and store them up in your memory is called “Knowledge”.

Whenever you come across to and trampled into a problem, you pull out particular knowledge from the store according to the problem, and apply them to solve it,

That’s what called “Wisdom” and the person who does so is wise!!!

Now! Make it clear that, we all need to be “wise”, so we all need to be educated to to understand the seeds and to prepare ourselves to educate the future leaders.

If we have nothing in the pot, nothing will come by the spoon to feed. keep the pot full.

When we plan to feed, first we need to prepare the food. I mean to cook the food.

Let’s cook ourselves then: Feed them sufficiently with knowledge, motivate them with drams. Fill them with minds of intellectuality.

Above all, use the weapons of love care and with a full respect to the leaders, to create excellent leaders of tomorrow.

This in Mind

Brain study Harvard Meditation feelguide com

Create such children to show the world to know that;

“Not all the educated are degree holders, and not all the degree holders are educated”.

let all Know the meaning of education.

“Educated are known by the attitude not by appearance”.

They are loving, humble and modest. Not arrogant and dominant.

“A tree shall be identified by the fruit”

Now, we are here to prepare the new world of love, through the next generation.

Begin from your neighborhood children.

be fruit bearers, not fruit collectors.

I Love Children


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