Nourish your Brain

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Reading makes a man whole.

Wisdom is supreme; therefore get wisdom. Though it cost all you have, get understanding. Proverb 4:7 NIV

There is a basic knowledge exists in the brain of every normal human being. Otherwise none can share his/her mined to another and get along in harmony.

The language is not only depends on just saying the sounds of words, but the expression of thought with sounds and the acting out by the body signs.

There are millions of languages exists in the whole world. All of them are created out of the moves of human body languages according to the mindset(Thoughts)of the person to pass the message to another person.

Most of us are multilingual in the world, yet some p are still remain monolingual.

It’s not just magic to speak and understand different languages. (very rarely someone do by super power) You must discipline yourselves passionately and commitment to challenge yourselves. Commitment involves with diligence. It also takes time to seek and to use resources to learn something you desire, not only for learning languages, but anything.


Yet, the language is most basic agent to increase knowledge of any kind.

For instant; if it is the technology, it’s variety of line in it. They are from various countries. There are Japanese, American, European, Indian, Russian, Greece and many more.

And there technical terms and the way of instructions are must be understood according to their mindsets and expressions.

The same thing we have unlimited knowledge and philosophies from around the world. Billions of books and literature from all types of writers. Unless we learn the cultures and languages, it’s impossible to get the depth of the sayings and riddles.

https://appmarbiz.com advocates for education and knowledge building.

Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge, but he who hates correction is stupid.

Prov 12:1 NIV

Our world is getting smaller and smaller. Unlike the past centuries, we have all the resources of knowledge at our finger tips. The food for the brain is only a click away.

Unless we have the intention to upgrade our brain, we are going to be left behind and be devoured by the monster; the ignorance. It’s the dangerous monster which will destroy our health and wealth alike.

Therefore, we must move faster to grab every opportunity to lift up and grow up. Get ready to be equipped well to face the monster. Learn to overcome the fear of being ignorant.

Start to move out from the comfort zone of laziness that creates excuses.

Search for books that fill your thirst, furnish your brain to handle the attack of the monster.

Brain is like muscles. Need exercise to be strong. Disciplined to be focus, on the master to be corrected.

Be master yourselves to conquer your attitudes.

Be your best friend to build yourself up. Don’t be your own enemy to destroy yourselves.

Try to find yourselves and Challenge and encourage, build up your self-confidence to fill up the loopholes. When you find your selves, then stand up, know yourself and be yourself.




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