The Truth

Understanding The Truth

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Understanding of any teaching of instruction is depending on the prime knowledge of the listener. No one can teach a mysterious theme to a simple minded. Even the visual examples make them perplexed and confused if its not familiar to them.

truth is like an elephant

Majority of the world population believe God exists. Other than those atheists, who believe in themselves and the science.(which only proof from logical data without proper evidence)  And all who do so, do believe that God is immense and all powerful, Yes, like an Elephant. “GOD HIMSELF IS THE TRUTH” He is standing there, obviously an enormous, Like an elephant. If one has an elephant, can’t hide it from the neighbors.  there is no concealable bonsai type elephant exists up to my knowledge.

How to explain the elephant to a blind!!! ????

You may be a well educated and eloquent speaker, you are the expert to picture your thoughts through words. Or you may a teacher who can turn a stupid student to become a brilliant.

How soever, yet, it is really hard or impossible to make a born blind to understand the structure, shape, size and the character of the such enormous animal.

You may say that the blind can touch and feel to understand it.

Well, now I may tel you the story of 6 blind men went to “see” an elephant.

There were six blind men wanted to see an elephant. any way it is impossible for them to see. it was reported to the blinds home administrator. He, in order to help these men, requested the zoo admin for favor, was granted and set the date to bring the group of these blind men. The exited six were brought to the place where they kept a trained elephant, and guided them to take their touch and feel the animal….


You can touch, but, if you need to understand it, you need to be touched by the truth.

At the time they finished, were joyous, like intoxicated. they felt had a sumptuous meal after a long staving. The home administrator and the zoo keepers were so glad that they did a great job helping for these men.

After the blind men got home and as soon as they had their dinner, the home administrator was told that the six blind men became violent and hitting each other.

Fist fight about the elephant”

At the investigation.

The first one who touched the tail was furiously said that the other one is a fool, says that I know what I touched and clearly seen, an elephant is like a rope. The one touched the leg said that no! it is like a tree trunk. Another one touched the tusk said, look, I think you saw something else, but I, myself touched and clearly understood, it is like a spear. Other one who toughed the body butted in and said, you all mad, I saw it well and clear, it was like a wall. Other one who touched the tail swingeing his stick and hit all, and say I thought you all are blind idiots, he said, the elephant is like a broom.  The last one who touched the eyer, sitting at the corner and laughs, and says I too touched I am pretty sure that they all are wrong. it is like a fan. I need one elephant for the summer.


likewise, None agrees with another, thinking they know better buy their own knowledge. Because none was able to comprehend whole animal by outward touch only partially. above all without a profound instructor.

That’s the way the religious fanatics, fighting to proof what they see/know is true. They really do not know it at all. None of them even willing to take an effort to know the whole (I mean whole picture of religions). Even, they are not fully know and understood about what they claimed to be their own believes.

Jesus Touch the blind

we can’t be enlighten by touching the truth.

It’s not just to touch the elephant to feel it. If you need to know the truth, must be toughed by the truth, the creator. Know that HE is the whole Truth.

No one can really understand whole elephant (truth) unless been touched by HIM.

learn to accept we are all blind.

People who rejecting the truth, will never come to see it. If any one want to see it he or she should accept our condition unreservedly and call the one who can open the eyes of the blind.

good to be touched by the truth to be whole

good to see the whole elephant.

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