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The imaginations and thinking capabilities of this generation is quite higher than ever worldwide. According to the immediate abilities of each and every country is encouraging to enable the technology available at hand. Developing and equipping educational systems to improve advance level modern technology.  Knowing the advanced technology can produce anything to be self-sufficient.

And today’s technology was built on the foundations of yesterday’s scientist, and the modern technology will be for the future generation to advance further. What we had 5 years ago, now feel like it’s a century old and10-15years old was like a million years old.  That far the modern science is advancing fast.

The computers! The desk tops and laptops, and modern cellphones technologies! Beyond that the upcoming robotic science are remarkable. It is really terrifying when we come to think about what would come up in next 5-10 years.

Moreover, what if we do not update our brains with today’s technology and how we could be able to handle tomorrow’s lifestyle. Many of us living today like blinds of tomorrow. Yes, many of us incapable of thinking such ignorance life, it would luring us into some kind of darkness.

Though, a very little percentage of young generation in the world, in every countries and main cities, has very little knowledge about modern technology. Also, their awareness is in particular fields only. They can surf internet, sending and receiving emails and operating a few social media as hobby. Yet it’s getting better for good. Even many young people are enchanted with the outward appearance of these social media technology and not be able to be benefited from them. Some Kids are addicted to games and they are not aware of the destructive consequences through them.

The modern youths of this era are not bound or controlled in a social culture. Their minds are not even guidable by their parents or schools. advocates for education and technology.

Why? Because, of the generational gap caused by the modern technology.

Today’s main source of “education” is internet. Young people learn things from it and share the information mostly among them only.

But the teachers and parents are busy making money in traditional way in order to provide their kids’ “education”. (That is why most of the times, they have not enough time to upgrade themselves to co-op up with even their children mind set.

Some parent are not even interested to be upgraded, though they can make time or take the opportunities to be upgraded. Some parents are ashamed to sit-down to study something equally or together with their children.

They may feel bit inferior to their children,  and fear of losing authority over them. So they let them go off (or unleashed them) on their way. That is actual a bad idea.

Even such parents with no school education but natural wisdom, they can motivate and guide them in love to become great leaders of tomorrow world.

If they don’t do so, then even the talented kids may end up in wrong companies and be the scam of the earth and destroy themselves and the society.


Our world today, has unlimited sources of materials through science and technology. The gateway is the internet to gush out. We need to use the flow wisely to harness the tomorrow even greater.  Feed the young generation with the visions of future, not just visions of selfish ambitions.

Be Equipped sufficiently and use them wisely


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  1. Two things, and I would be interested in others’ views on this subject. I am just one person.
    I grew up without computers. In fact, it wasn’t until the later college years that I used them, for classes, but still handwrote assignments when the instructors allowed.
    From an experiential point, students working on computers, learning about technology (and I think robotics classes are amazing), and getting opportunities will be great for today’s technological world. Preparation, training, and opportunity. And in the world of careers, young people can be guided and gain experience that will open their understanding to the opportunities which will be there upon graduation.
    From my own upbringing, I have realized that people heavy in technology have an understanding different from my own. Just as one friend, who was a flight mechanic, a relative who is an engineer, and a neighbor who worked in research and development have knowledge and understanding that is different from my own. And what they do, in what they do, the energy they put in it: Like you get out what you put in.
    But in no way have I ever thought of intellegence as career direction. In no way did I find myself “less able.” Though I’m a simple person, with varied experiences, I have listened to people from (shall we say) more humble beginnings (They worked hard, had families, and took on the responsibilities of their lives.). Yet, in talking with them, I found a wisdom that many learned people do not have. Technology and training is important. Preparation leads to way to more opportunities for success. But the lessons, early in life, of responsibility, thinking for yourself, weighing decisions, helping a friend, have an impact of understanding that will guide people into so many arenas should they choose the direction for their lives.
    In teaching, part of the job is getting kids to understand things for themselves, to think for themselves, and to take on responsibilities that will have positive impacts on their lives ahead. Whatever choice they opt for, as they grow up, what are the lessons (and parents are very important in this) have they learned that will last a lifetime? Writing? Explain your point of view. Math? Can you, have you, used it outside the classroom? And what have you used it for? Think.

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    • Hi dear, Exactly I agree 100%. I have a saying that of my own version. “Not all the Educated are degree holders, ANd Not all the degree holders are Educated”. Education soften a person,. and the real education is not from any classrooms or any so called Universities. It is from observing the Nature with open eyes. I can talk about this subject hours. I am an electrical & Industrial engineer. Used to work with NGOs as a community development expert. traveled over 20 3rd world countries to help the poor. Still I am doing so myself without NGOs. In shout, I guess we both are in the same boat. Hope to keep in touch.
      Bless you.

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  2. People need to read Socrates, Abraham Lincoln, some of the classics. Most would find difficulty following the trains of thoughts. Many today, cannot read the U.S. Constitution with full understanding. Too many today have not considered deeply the issues of the day. They “see” but they don’t connnect the dots.

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