Culture is, cultivated certain manner and conducts by a particular society at a particular time and place.

Every society in the world is following a particular culture. No matter whether the humans, animals, birds, or even the insects, are bound with certain system of living.

The practice of habits and mannerisms of any living kind is universally similar, but not the same though.

They all bound by an unwritten law; it called Culture.

Politically civilized human culture; based on the environmental pressure

Begins with, certain group of people, when they break away from a main society, migrating to farther places to live independently as a new micro society; they need to agree together in certain rules regulations to bind themselves to live in harmony and to protect each other; that, the group naturally creates a system. Such social system would be held in honor.

Developed social system become Culture.

Yet, after a long period of time, as the number of the group increases, it develops to the further steps by the succeeding generation for the social benefits and commercial purposes. The added practices of new habits and mannerism become territorial. Territorial in geographically, and territorial in mindset; it grow with a superior complex; no matter economically well or not. It became an unwritten cultural law of the group.

The Art and interests

In every Culture there is a unique set of art practiced.

The group needs an entertainment to kill the spare times. Or else the unoccupied minds of the bullies may create disorder among the group and dampen innocents. Not only for that but also a beauty in the arts of any culture to be enjoyed.

They customize lifestyle as to their social environment leads. Some of them in breakaways could be participated in various arts in the former society. The technicalities of the art were picked up and copied from their former groups, modified them to suite their taste that be serve as part of the new culture. Further new arts can be added by anyone traveled abroad and learn new art or from hosted foreigners and insert them in to theirs’ as it fits. Even the languages can be modified and developed along the way.

System of Attire

Cultural clothings are the pride of most natives of the world. Some are highly look up to. And it’s an identity of the social groups as well. Highly fashioned clothings for the nobles bring honor to the society. Yet, all of them were developed from somewhere, and it will never be the same to the future.

It is the nature of the mentality of human kind to look for more and new things. None satisfied with what they have at hand and never be. People want to travel for the desire of wealth, and to enjoy the nature of the world. As they do, they can see deference of lifestyles and learn them along the way, and bring them to adapt onto theirs.

Culture evolves

As for my conclusion; the pride of culture is vanity. Because, as I mentioned earlier, it will never stays the same; and never be unique as they think it is their own to be proud of. All of them are browed or stolen from somewhere then to be altered to be claimed as our own. Whatever we see around us and we claim them as our own; is actually from somewhere and modified to fit us. We may claim, it is our own, but is not uniquely ours.

Therefore, let us open our eyes and see the truth and accept the facts. However, we all are from the same root, we were not evolved from monkey, but our culture and civilizing gradually is evolving, as the world move into its course.

Real civilized culture would never encourage war and chaos. It is full of love and acceptance. Be polite in handling each other from the heart. We should assimilate the developing facts of the world to use them constructively.

We must know and believe that, none of us are here sprout out from the earth. But, we all are reproduced from one source. And all the societies in the world are branches from one tree. So the cultures are divisions from one source.

From culture lover


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