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We established this site to assist our suffering community and deliver them from their pain of life by providing higher literacy and bring them out of poverty by community projects to enable them to be stand on their own feet and be there for whenever seek us.

We are seeking your loving hands to share shoulders with us to make this project successful. Those you have the heart to do so kindly Make you suport through PayPal account at appmar@gmail.com. Be blessed.

The Sri Lankan (Ceylon) Tea”

We are based in the land of the world famous “Aromatic Black Tea“. The Ceylon tea”. The beautiful land called Sri Lanka. The former name Ceylon is still alive and active in the aroma of our best tea.

Though there is variety of tea exist in the world, the Ceylon tea is always stands out by its resistible unequal Quality

 National revenue of Sri Lanka

Though there are several resources for national income of Sri Lanka, the tea plantations play the main role for the entire country. The central part of the Island is the utmost beautiful landscape of the country, with full of green mountains. They provide the food on the table of each Sri Lankan, literally.Yet, sadly no one think of it but it’s the hidden truth.

https://appmarbiz.com advocates for the welfare of Sri Lankan estate labors.

St. Clare waterfall Hatton

That is the hidden truth

A glimpse of historical background of tea plantation of Sri Lanka. In the midst of 18th century during the British era, the British traders saw the best ideal weather and the suitable soil of the mountains landscape for tea plantation; and they brought to Sri Lanka the commercial plantations of tea, coffee, rubber, and cocoa, .

But, the characteristics work force from the natives wasn’t suited to such needs. So, they found the desperate poor population from south India and brought them with the rich promises of complete provisions, but all lies. They were brought as cattle, almost as slaves, provided only food and Shelter (like sheep pens).   

Until today same people after the few generations are traditionally enslaved by the Sri Lankan Government and the estate owners even after British administration.

The cup of tea we take every morning as soon as we wake up is not just a cup of tea really. It’s the cup of blood of the estate laborers.Well, that’s why “appmarbiz” committed to take leadership.  Providing education to the willing young students, support projects to the struggling families and caring centers for orphans, elders and further destitute.Dear beloved visitor, if you support appmarbiz, you are directly supporting the needy in Sri Lanka.Appmarappmarbuiz@gmail.comhttps://appmarbiz.com


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