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The imaginations and thinking capabilities of this generation is quite higher than ever worldwide. According to the immediate abilities of each and every country is encouraging to enable the technology available at hand. Developing and equipping educational systems to improve advance level modern technology.  Knowing the advanced technology can produce anything to be self-sufficient.

And today’s technology was built on the foundations of yesterday’s scientist, and the modern technology will be for the future generation to advance further. What we had 5 years ago, now feel like it’s a century old and10-15years old was like a million years old.  That far the modern science is advancing fast.

The computers! The desk tops and laptops, and modern cellphones technologies! Beyond that the upcoming robotic science are remarkable. It is really terrifying when we come to think about what would come up in next 5-10 years.

Moreover, what if we do not update our brains with today’s technology and how we could be able to handle tomorrow’s lifestyle. Many of us living today like blinds of tomorrow. Yes, many of us incapable of thinking such ignorance life, it would luring us into some kind of darkness.

Though, a very little percentage of young generation in the world, in every countries and main cities, has very little knowledge about modern technology. Also, their awareness is in particular fields only. They can surf internet, sending and receiving emails and operating a few social media as hobby. Yet it’s getting better for good. Even many young people are enchanted with the outward appearance of these social media technology and not be able to be benefited from them. Some Kids are addicted to games and they are not aware of the destructive consequences through them.

The modern youths of this era are not bound or controlled in a social culture. Their minds are not even guidable by their parents or schools.

https://appmarbiz.com advocates for education and technology.

Why? Because, of the generational gap caused by the modern technology.

Today’s main source of “education” is https://www.com internet. Young people learn things from it and share the information mostly among them only.

But the teachers and parents are busy making money in traditional way in order to provide their kids’ “education”. (That is why most of the times, they have not enough time to upgrade themselves to co-op up with even their children mind set.

Some parent are not even interested to be upgraded, though they can make time or take the opportunities to be upgraded. Some parents are ashamed to sit-down to study something equally or together with their children.

They may feel bit inferior to their children,  and fear of losing authority over them. So they let them go off (or unleashed them) on their way. That is actual a bad idea.

Even such parents with no school education but natural wisdom, they can motivate and guide them in love to become great leaders of tomorrow world.

If they don’t do so, then even the talented kids may end up in wrong companies and be the scam of the earth and destroy themselves and the society.


Our world today, has unlimited sources of materials through science and technology. The gateway is the internet to gush out. We need to use the flow wisely to harness the tomorrow even greater.  Feed the young generation with the visions of future, not just visions of selfish ambitions.

Be Equipped sufficiently and use them wisely




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The Truth

Understanding The Truth

Great Elephant Wallpaper Phone - Animal Wallpapers

Understanding of any teaching of instruction is depending on the prime knowledge of the listener. No one can teach a mysterious theme to a simple minded. Even the visual examples make them perplexed and confused if its not familiar to them.

truth is like an elephant

Majority of the world population believe God exists. Other than those atheists, who believe in themselves and the science.(which only proof from logical data without proper evidence)  And all who do so, do believe that God is immense and all powerful, Yes, like an Elephant. “GOD HIMSELF IS THE TRUTH” He is standing there, obviously an enormous, Like an elephant. If one has an elephant, can’t hide it from the neighbors.  there is no concealable bonsai type elephant exists up to my knowledge.

How to explain the elephant to a blind!!! ????

You may be a well educated and eloquent speaker, you are the expert to picture your thoughts through words. Or you may a teacher who can turn a stupid student to become a brilliant.

How soever, yet, it is really hard or impossible to make a born blind to understand the structure, shape, size and the character of the such enormous animal.

You may say that the blind can touch and feel to understand it.

Well, now I may tel you the story of 6 blind men went to “see” an elephant.

There were six blind men wanted to see an elephant. any way it is impossible for them to see. it was reported to the blinds home administrator. He, in order to help these men, requested the zoo admin for favor, was granted and set the date to bring the group of these blind men. The exited six were brought to the place where they kept a trained elephant, and guided them to take their touch and feel the animal….


You can touch, but, if you need to understand it, you need to be touched by the truth.

At the time they finished, were joyous, like intoxicated. they felt had a sumptuous meal after a long staving. The home administrator and the zoo keepers were so glad that they did a great job helping for these men.

After the blind men got home and as soon as they had their dinner, the home administrator was told that the six blind men became violent and hitting each other.

Fist fight about the elephant”

At the investigation.

The first one who touched the tail was furiously said that the other one is a fool, says that I know what I touched and clearly seen, an elephant is like a rope. The one touched the leg said that no! it is like a tree trunk. Another one touched the tusk said, look, I think you saw something else, but I, myself touched and clearly understood, it is like a spear. Other one who toughed the body butted in and said, you all mad, I saw it well and clear, it was like a wall. Other one who touched the tail swingeing his stick and hit all, and say I thought you all are blind idiots, he said, the elephant is like a broom.  The last one who touched the eyer, sitting at the corner and laughs, and says I too touched I am pretty sure that they all are wrong. it is like a fan. I need one elephant for the summer.


likewise, None agrees with another, thinking they know better buy their own knowledge. Because none was able to comprehend whole animal by outward touch only partially. above all without a profound instructor.

That’s the way the religious fanatics, fighting to proof what they see/know is true. They really do not know it at all. None of them even willing to take an effort to know the whole (I mean whole picture of religions). Even, they are not fully know and understood about what they claimed to be their own believes.

Jesus Touch the blind

we can’t be enlighten by touching the truth.

It’s not just to touch the elephant to feel it. If you need to know the truth, must be toughed by the truth, the creator. Know that HE is the whole Truth.

No one can really understand whole elephant (truth) unless been touched by HIM.

learn to accept we are all blind.

People who rejecting the truth, will never come to see it. If any one want to see it he or she should accept our condition unreservedly and call the one who can open the eyes of the blind.

good to be touched by the truth to be whole

good to see the whole elephant.





A Child is a Seed!.

It is not enough 500 words to express about this topic. We need to write a whole book on it. Yet, as I prepare to write it, just giving you a sample factor here. 


None is able to perceive a glorious and fruitful tree and its various benefits by looking at a seed. whole giant tree consist in a seed. Such precious seed can be trembled on the ground, brutally dreaded by wild beasts not knowing the value of it.

Unless someone knows the value comes around and recognize it and, pick it up and plant it in a rich soil and water it to grow, it might be destroyed as a seed, by this evil world.

We know the valuable treasures of the world are from.

The Gold is from the dirt of the earth, the precious gemstones are too. The most expensive pearls are taken from an ugly clams.

So are today’s children of the world, whom we are ignoring in the midst of us. Who knows which child is going to be who? not all can recognize the tree by seed.

Therefore, let’s commit ourselves to “gather the dropped and ignored seeds”, rejected by the rich harvesters around the world, treasure them, nurture them and prepare them to be fruitful for tomorrow’s world.

Educate them to be enlightened.


I asked many people around the world this question;

“Why we send the children to schools?”

Most answers are; so they can get certified to get good jobs.

Some say; sending them to be educated.

Well then, what is education?

Can we get it from schools, colleges, Universities?

We should send children to schools to “learn to think

Real education creates thinking capability. If you call yourself an educated you must be a problem solver. If you cannot do solve a problem and still be proud of your degree, it’s worth nothing and you are not an educated.

And you will be a problem creator.

Philosophy of Wisdom isn’t in the certificate to solve a problems.

Well then, what is wisdom?

Knowledge isn’t wisdom. But, “Application of knowledge is wisdom”

Oh, wait a minute! Then what is knowledge?

Knowledge is: You gather information and analyze them, and finding the reasons and truth, with complete understanding, and store them up in your memory is called “Knowledge”.

Whenever you come across to and trampled into a problem, you pull out particular knowledge from the store according to the problem, and apply them to solve it,

That’s what called “Wisdom” and the person who does so is wise!!!

Now! Make it clear that, we all need to be “wise”, so we all need to be educated to to understand the seeds and to prepare ourselves to educate the future leaders.

If we have nothing in the pot, nothing will come by the spoon to feed. keep the pot full.

When we plan to feed, first we need to prepare the food. I mean to cook the food.

Let’s cook ourselves then: Feed them sufficiently with knowledge, motivate them with drams. Fill them with minds of intellectuality.

Above all, use the weapons of love care and with a full respect to the leaders, to create excellent leaders of tomorrow.

This in Mind

Brain study Harvard Meditation feelguide com

Create such children to show the world to know that;

“Not all the educated are degree holders, and not all the degree holders are educated”.

let all Know the meaning of education.

“Educated are known by the attitude not by appearance”.

They are loving, humble and modest. Not arrogant and dominant.

“A tree shall be identified by the fruit”

Now, we are here to prepare the new world of love, through the next generation.

Begin from your neighborhood children.

be fruit bearers, not fruit collectors.

I Love Children






What is FASHION?

Cross cultural Fashion

FASHION is, something we cultured and cultivated over time. We can see all over the world, each and every culture has cultivated their own way of doing thing. It has come a long way of life-style. Produced by Ethnical Ethical cultural mindset. One does things in this way, and other has that way. One likes this and other hates it. Not all agree with all types of fashion anyway. It’s all in your mind that what you appreciate and that you want to have it or you want to be.

In other hand,

Fashion of MINDSET

Something displays disorderly, that does not look pleasantful. If you know how to make it look good and presentable, you are a fashionista. That is why here is a WORLD we create to make an unpresentable, an Elegantly presentable. They can make over the appearance of a person, mindset of your lifestyle, and your home accordingly. 

This magical world molds an ordinary “YOU” into an amazing person. Make you fit significantly whoever you are in your prefered circle. Only this world accepts citizens without age, sex and ethnic discrimination.

It is not mere an outward appearance:

In fact the conception of men in regular world, Women” means “beauty”.

The same way in the “Mindset of women about men”. It’s the nature anyway.

Women naturally love to beautify themselves more than men do. Thinking, however they are not there yet. In Fact everyone want to be like somebody, never satisfied with who they are. Its not only women but also men poses such attitude generally.


Invest time to

This world observed and recognized the nature of both. there are no exceptions between sex, colour or ethnicity. It is the common ground of this magical world.  If a woman knows that the beauty of a woman is in her smile, she can help herself to come out. Yet, there is a thick veil fear over her mind, feeling inadequacy of machurity to develop herself. 

Even naturally a pretty woman if she does not know the art of beautification, she becomes an unidentified object. This “fashion world” brought forth  fashion accessories, elegant dresses and lots of beauty products to creates an identity for the diversive unidentifiable and elevates them.


First thing, every one most know that, real beauty is not relying on dressing and make ups. It is all about the knowledge about it. What brand, of the cloths, and  the knowledge about the materials. Knowledge about sort of Jewelry, details of grates and karats of Gold,  and Gemstones. Even the knowledge of artificial Jewelry. In cosmetic product, its very important to know the chemicals in it. What sort can be applied on an individuals skin. not all kinds of Makeup products can fit for all skins.

Therefore, the FASHION WORLD” has been created to serve you. Not only for outward look. Here, inside the “FASHION WORLD” there is the secret to lift up anyone’s image, self-esteem, self-confidence, through the extraordinary knowledge of making up your look.

Check the water before you leap in.

Before you buy something you should study well about the product. Quality, Quantity, and reasonable price. Stop a moment to think first, Do You really Need it? Is it Necessary for your Life? can you live without it?

Know Your Self

If you only have an imagination of your selves, you can be whom-ever you wanted to be. If you make up your mind to make up yourselves then you’ll be who you are.

Rise up and shine with full knowledge. Make your smile count.

Just enter into the gates of Fashion world  if you think you are in darkness. Your circle may not see what you are so you bring yourselves out in the light of fashion to show who you are.

https://appmarbiz.com advocates fashion, through mind grooming by “KNOWLEDGE”.

Remember, you are wonderful, talented, and never be the least.

Feed you brain to make up yourself. Be yourselves to show yourselves.






Culture is, cultivated certain manner and conducts by a particular society at a particular time and place.

Every society in the world is following a particular culture. No matter whether the humans, animals, birds, or even the insects, are bound with certain system of living.

The practice of habits and mannerisms of any living kind is universally similar, but not the same though.

They all bound by an unwritten law; it called Culture.

Politically civilized human culture; based on the environmental pressure

Begins with, certain group of people, when they break away from a main society, migrating to farther places to live independently as a new micro society; they need to agree together in certain rules regulations to bind themselves to live in harmony and to protect each other; that, the group naturally creates a system. Such social system would be held in honor.

Developed social system become Culture.

Yet, after a long period of time, as the number of the group increases, it develops to the further steps by the succeeding generation for the social benefits and commercial purposes. The added practices of new habits and mannerism become territorial. Territorial in geographically, and territorial in mindset; it grow with a superior complex; no matter economically well or not. It became an unwritten cultural law of the group.

The Art and interests

In every Culture there is a unique set of art practiced.

The group needs an entertainment to kill the spare times. Or else the unoccupied minds of the bullies may create disorder among the group and dampen innocents. Not only for that but also a beauty in the arts of any culture to be enjoyed.

They customize lifestyle as to their social environment leads. Some of them in breakaways could be participated in various arts in the former society. The technicalities of the art were picked up and copied from their former groups, modified them to suite their taste that be serve as part of the new culture. Further new arts can be added by anyone traveled abroad and learn new art or from hosted foreigners and insert them in to theirs’ as it fits. Even the languages can be modified and developed along the way.

System of Attire

Cultural clothings are the pride of most natives of the world. Some are highly look up to. And it’s an identity of the social groups as well. Highly fashioned clothings for the nobles bring honor to the society. Yet, all of them were developed from somewhere, and it will never be the same to the future.

It is the nature of the mentality of human kind to look for more and new things. None satisfied with what they have at hand and never be. People want to travel for the desire of wealth, and to enjoy the nature of the world. As they do, they can see deference of lifestyles and learn them along the way, and bring them to adapt onto theirs.

Culture evolves

As for my conclusion; the pride of culture is vanity. Because, as I mentioned earlier, it will never stays the same; and never be unique as they think it is their own to be proud of. All of them are browed or stolen from somewhere then to be altered to be claimed as our own. Whatever we see around us and we claim them as our own; is actually from somewhere and modified to fit us. We may claim, it is our own, but is not uniquely ours.

Therefore, let us open our eyes and see the truth and accept the facts. However, we all are from the same root, we were not evolved from monkey, but our culture and civilizing gradually is evolving, as the world move into its course.

Real civilized culture would never encourage war and chaos. It is full of love and acceptance. Be polite in handling each other from the heart. We should assimilate the developing facts of the world to use them constructively.

We must know and believe that, none of us are here sprout out from the earth. But, we all are reproduced from one source. And all the societies in the world are branches from one tree. So the cultures are divisions from one source.

From culture lover



Reading makes a man whole.
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Nourish the Brain Do not forsake wisdom, and she will protect you; love her, and she will watch over you. 7 Wisdom is supreme; therefore get wisdom. Though it cost all you have, get understanding. Prov 4:6-7 NIV There is a basic knowledge exists in the minds of every normal human being. Otherwise no one can share his/her mined to another and get along in harmony. The language is not only depends on just saying the words, but acting out with the body language, the signs too. There are millions of languages exists in the whole world. All of them are created out of the moves of human body according to the mind set of attitudes of certain community to pass ones thought to another person. Well, some of us are multilingual, while most people in the world remain monolingual. How then some people can do so? It’s not just magic to speak and understand different languages. There is passion and commitment involves with diligence, investing time and money in order to use resources to learn something you desire to gain. Not only for learning languages. The language is most basic agent to increase knowledge of any kind. For example; if I talk about technology, it’s variety of lines and they come from various countries. There are Japanese, American, European, Indian, Russian, and many more. There technical terms and various way of instructions, must be understood according to their mind-set that expressed through their languages.
The same thing we have unlimited knowledge in philosophies from around the world and books from each respective countries and writers. Philosophies; expressed in cultural mindset. Unless we learn the cultures background, its impossible to comprehend the depths of the sayings and riddles. https://appmarbiz.com advocates for education and knowledge building. Our world is shrinking smaller and smaller. Not like in the past centuries. We have all the resources of knowledge at our finger tips. The food for the brain is only a click away. Unless we have the intention to upgrade our brain, we are going to be left behind and be devoured by the ignorance monster. The monster which will destroy our health and wealth in life. Therefore, we must move faster to grab every opportunity to grow up. Be equipped well to face the monster. Learn to overcome the fear of being ignorant and start to move out from comfort zone that is laziness. Search for books that fill you with each corners of your brain to handle the attack of the monster. Discipline yourselves. be corrected, Apply the knowledge and be wise. Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge, but he who hates correction is stupid. Prov 12:1 NIV Be disciplined -Be wise!!!
AppMarBiz appmarbuiz@gmail.com


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